Adding Whelp to Your Shopify Site

Depending on the theme that you’ve selected, there may be more than one way to add the widget to the site. Below is documentation which should work for most Shopify themes as it provides you with a way to edit the source code outside of the particular theme you’ve chosen.

Get the Whelp Livechat Widget Code

  1. Login to Whelp at Go to the Apps page and select the Livechat application and click on the configure button.  
  2. Select the Installation tab.
  3. Copy the installation code.

    Add the Code to Your Shopify Site

    • Log in to your Shopify admin. In the left-hand navigation, select Online Store and then Themes.
    • Click Actions > Edit code

      • Under the Layout folder select your main layout.  In most cases, this will be theme.liquid.  This is the page you’ll need to edit.
      • Just above the </body> tag paste the code you’ve copied from the Livechat page and click on Save button.

      • The widget should now appear on all pages of your site. 

      Customize Your Widget

      You can make style and option edits in the Whelp Livechat interface builder after you’ve embedded the widget on your site.  Changes may require that you clear your cache before they display it in your browser.

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