Connecting WhatsApp using Twilio

By following these steps it is possible to connect a Twilio WhatsApp number to Whelp:

  1. Create a Twilio account on
  2. Navigate to the WhatsApp Console and click on the link to the request form and complete this form with all data.
    Please note: a Facebook Business ID is required for the application. Read here where the Facebook Business ID can be found.
  3. Twilio will send an email to make an appointment for a phone call to discuss the request.
  4. If the application has been approved for the organization, it is possible to get up to 5 numbers approved within WhatsApp.
    Good to know: it is only possible to buy a phone number at Twilio to use this number within their WhatsApp solution.
  5. Twilio will send a Facebook invite. So the next step is: accepting the Twilio Facebook invite.
  6. Add the WhatsApp numbers in the Twilio Console. The following form is displayed via the Twilio Console -> Programmable Sms -> WhatsApp -> Senders. By filling out this form, a channel is created in Twilio.
  7. After the number has been verified and assigned in Twilio, the WhatsApp channel can be further configured by setting a recognizable profile photo. Also, check if the profile information with the number is still correct.
  8. If all of this is correct, a channel can be created in Whelp to connect the WhatsApp number to your inbox.
  9. Don't forget to update the Balance in Twilio with a WhatsApp credit.
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