Install Livechat with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a simple solution for managing tags, snippets, and Javascript code that sends data to third parties on your website or app. You can easily add or remove snippets to your website without requiring a developer to update the code.
This will install Intercom for logged-out visitors only.

Important: To connect Google Tag Manager to Intercom, you must have an active Google Tag Manager account with a published container.

To install Livechat on your website with Google Tag Manager, just follow these steps.
Note: Passing events and custom attributes are not currently supported with this method.

First, navigate to the Tags section of your Google Tag Manager account:

Next, create a new tag and name it (for example, “Whelp Livechat”):

Next, click the “Tag Configuration” section and choose “Custom HTML” tag type:

Copy the code from Installation tab inside the settings page:

The HTML section copied from above should look like this in Google Tag Manager:

Next, click the “Triggering” section and choose “All Pages”:

Then hit ‘Save’.

Check if your new tag has been saved in the workspace. Now all you need to do is publish all changes so that the new tag is sent to your website. Click the “Submit” button.

Add a name and description of your preference for the submission and then click “Publish”.

That’s it! Within a few minutes Livechat should be installed and visible on your website.
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