Line Installation Guide

To connect your LINE account to Message requires additional steps both in Message and LINE. This section will instruct you on how to prepare your LINE account to connect with Message and a more detailed explanation of the setup steps in Message.

To set up your LINE account for Message

  1. Navigate to the LINE developers portal (LINE Developer).
  2. Click the Messaging API button.

  3. Enter your LINE account credentials. If you have not created a LINE account yet, please consult the LINE documentation for instructions.
  4. If you created a new account, you will need to confirm your credentials, then click Register.
  5. On the left sidebar, select a provider or click Add new provider.
    Note: If you are creating a new provider, you will need to enter additional information for the provider, then select the provider again.

    You will be redirected to the Channel settings page.

  6. Under Message Settings>Use webhooks, click the pencil icon.
  7. Select Enabled, then click Update.

  8. In Message, navigate to Admin>LINE, then click the Add account button.

    A pop-up window will open containing instructions for connecting your LINE account.

  9. Enter or enable the information required in the Message instructions. You can click Next in the pop-up window to proceed onto the next step.

    You can access the information in the following locations in LINE:

    • Channel Access Token: Underneath Messaging settings, click the Issue button.
    • Channel Secret: Underneath Basic information, click the Issue button.
    • Webhook URL: Underneath Basic information, click the pencil icon. Paste the URL from Message and update.
    • Allow Webhooks: You should have already have allowed webhooks under Basic information. See the previous steps for instructions.
  10. Click Finish when you have completed all the Message instructions.

After you finish inputting this information, your LINE and Message account will be connected.

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